/Pre-loved ladies & girls’ stuff!

Pre-loved ladies & girls’ stuff!

Thrifty & Nifty, known affectionately as T&N, is a new exciting Facebook buying & selling page. Started by Cath Davies and Jojo Wylde they had a lot of clothes and accessories that they no longer used themselves, so a business was born. You can start following them if you past Thrifty & Nifty into your Facebook search.

They are looking for sellers with Pre-loved ladies & girls’ clothing and accessories in excellent condition and seeking a new life with buyers.

All transactions are based on a percentage of the sales going to you the seller. So not only do you feel better for taking the time to sort through your closet, you can make a little money along the way!

The T&N team are passionate about trying to reduce landfill and help us all do our bit toward saving our beautiful environment. Something 2Hand holds dear to its heart as well.

T&N  are excited to bring like-minded people together to help support and declutter their lives & minds. Watch out for exciting new developments from the team.

This idea really is a Win Win. Win for you and win for our planet. Join them!

As the T&N team would say – Stay Fabulous!