/Founders Christmas wish list

Founders Christmas wish list

As 2Hand Founders we are passionate about second-hand and are making sure this Christmas that we are buying as much as we can that is sustainable and ideally pre-used.  We have bought a PS 4 from a second-hand site for my kids and asked the grandparents to buy second-hand games as their gifts. But there are times when you just want to buy or receive brand new goodies. Maybe because it is not available second-hand as they are new to the market, but we are all thinking about the commitment we make to pass it on once we’ve enjoyed it and not longer get so much joy out of it. This means that we keep the boxes and the instructions all safe for when we pass it on – so that it still feels special to the next owner.  We had many Playmobil sets over the years, from Castles, to Fire Stations as well as a full working Lifeboat station and we have all the boxes in the attic.

So, this year we’ve carefully gone through the toy sets and matched them back to their packaging to sell on in good nick for others to gift! They honestly don’t look used. Same went for our Early Years toys a few years ago, we’d kept the boxes and gave them a clean to give others a happy Christmas! Jigsaws are another gift we get every year, and these are then passed onto the next family member to enjoy and on it goes.

But here’s what’s on the new list for us and our families this year:

My list this year

For the gift that lasts I really want a puzzle mat so I can move the giant Christmas day puzzle off the dining table when we eat. I found this on Amazon.

To go with is I would like a map of the world puzzle as we are not about to travel any time soon! This one is complex and perfect to keep the mind engaged and the trip round the world interesting!

I’m always cooking up a storm but Jamie’s 5 ingredients means I can cook without too much hassle!

Coupled with these fab Fineway set of 4 Silicone Baking Paper Sheet Mats that are non-stick,  washable oven tray liners and away we go!

Jo’s top picks

Her’s are wide ranging, starting with sticky notes to get organised and revise in this next lock down.

When we can get outdoors a kite is an ideal time waster allowing you to get all the fresh air you need and make memories with the kids.

But when we are shut indoors over this wet winter why not have a competitive game of shut the box. All made of wood! Just fab fun any time of day.

Dobble is ideal for the stockings, keeping them entertained while you start the cooking for the potential lock down Christmas we may have.

3D pens – Everyone loves colouring, but in air!!! What’s not to love? Again, an ideal little gift for most ages. If you have a couple of them in the family, you can  race to see who gets the first flying tiger or crouching dragon. Race against the clock and get someone to give marks for creativity.

And as we love a diy makeover for the home here are some bits Jo needs to make her ideal blind.

Stephen’s list revolves round the teenage daughter.

It’s defiantly all about being a girl with this tool to softly curl your hair for a night out.

Topped off with this lovey bang on trend scent… it’s all you need to make an impression!

And if it is a bit of peace and quiet you want from the teenager then try this multi-platform gaming headset.

Pared up with this funky keyboard – every girl should have one.

But for the rest of the kids sometimes these are all you need for stockings and delights after the festive fun is done!

But if you are heading out in the cold then these hand warmers are fun!

So, when you buy new, treasure the packaging and make a promise to yourself to pass it on when the time is right!

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